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Network, Operation, Repair, And Design Services


What are the goals for your home or business?

We’ve got the technology and experts to help you reach them. Request a quote today so we can make technology work for your home or business that is secure and stress-free.


We have worked with K-12 private and public schools and know what is important and needed to students, educators and staff. Secure remote and on-site support available.


Whether you run a church, foundation or charity we can keep your data secure from forces who are trying to take advantage of you. N.O.R.A.D. Services is different, we put people first.


Need compliance for HIPAA? Have us customize IT policies to fit your business. Let us maintain your network and DR for 24/7/365 uptime.


Warehouse and distributions centers run 24/7, so should your IT. We can secure and manage your network for maximized production schedules.

Not sure which IT support plan to choose?

Contact us and we can assist in picking the right plan for your business.

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Network and Hardware Monitoring

We monitor your network availability and performance and get alerts for outages and provide rapid response to get your network back to running how it should.

Trust N.O.R.A.D.

Small businesses used to have tech support 24/7 on-site but now with the advent of remote IT support we can resolve most common IT related issues using remote access tools. No more need of having staff on-site and trying to keep them busy during slow season or off peak times. With IT remote support you use us when you need us which will reduce your costs tremendously. The benefits of remote technology support is flexibility, decreased costs and 24/7 access, give use a try.

If you need on-site support for something we get a technician on-site to assess the issue and resolve any problems in a timely manor. We can even schedule on-site technicians if you know you have a certain project coming up and just want hands on just in case. We have packages that can take care of all your needs.

Want us to provision your new hardware and get it installed. N.O.R.A.D. Services has technicians that can configure servers, switches, firewalls, desktops/laptops and printers and bring it onsite to setup. We can even train your staff who will be responsible for using or managing the equipment. We have extensive knowledge from basic helpdesk duties to full top level security engineers.

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Add your tWe can come visit you onsite and look over your network and equipment and provide a competitive quote for whatever services you need.

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