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Network, Operation, Repair, And Design Services


Residential Services

Computer Support Services

Whether you are tasked to work from home in this new COVID19 era or need computer support for any home equipment, we are here for you.


Computer Repair

We can repair your home PC, but sometimes repairing older computers is more costly than replacing the computer altogether. If your computer is more than 4-5 years old, consider your options. If you need help setting up your new computer we can assist.


COVID19 Home Office

If you work for a company who allows remote work from home we can come in and setup your network or other equipment so it is fast and secure. We can also work with your companies IT department so everything is in perfect compliance with their policies.


Data Back-up or Transfer

Purchased a new computer and need help to backup and transfer your pictures and important documents to it. We can help make this transition painless and easy. We also can retain a backup of your old data just incase a month later you realize you forgot something we can get it back for you.


Virus Removal & Cleanup

If you feel you might have a virus or malware we can scan and clean your system so hackers cannot access your PC or private information. If you computer is just running slow we can also clean up background services to speed it up and make it feel like it is new again.


Printer Setup

We can setup your local or network wired or wireless printer to work throughout your house and with all the computers and devices on your network.


Email or Online Account Setup

Need a new email address for home? We can recommend a provider for you and set it up the way you want it. If you are moving from Outlook POP email to O365 we can help migrate all your old emails to your new O365 account.

Smart Home Setup

We can purchase, setup and configure all smart home devices for your house or apartment.

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Security Camera Setup

We can identify the best installation areas to cover what you want to watch and mount and connect them to your current WiFi network. We can also assist with setting up the mobile app on your phone or tablet to monitor and manage your cameras.

Door Lock Setup

We can mount and install your smart locks on all the doors in your home and connect it up to your current WiFi network. We can also assist with setting up the mobile app on your phone or tablet to manage your door codes and schedules

Hub and Speaker Setup

We can setup your smart hub to connect all your smart devices to one system for easy manageability. Some voice assistance such as Amazon Echo and Google Home also provide the functionality of smart hubs and we can help set those up.

Garage and Doorbell Setup

If you have a smart garage door opener with the MyQ service we can help setup and configure your MyQ app on your mobile devices so you can use your phone as your garage door opener. We can also configure extra garage door opener remotes.