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Network, Operation, Repair, And Design Services


About Us

A Few Words About Us

We are a family owned small business and our customers are treated like family.

About Us
Our Story

NORAD Services started September 2009 as a technical support company helping residential customers fix and build computers. It started as a part-time business with one person who also worked fulltime as a Network Engineer for a healthcare facility. There were a lot of late nights and long weekends. Eventually we were able to support and help small businesses that couldn’t afford to hire full-time IT staff for basic IT support. As the years went by and we got more busy other members of the family were able to join NORAD Services, so we could provide more services to our customers.

Partners and Staff

We have partnered with many companies in the Twin Cities metro area to cover most of Minnesota and Wisconsin. We have dedicated Network Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Helpdesk, a Web Developer, and an Administrative Assistant working at NORAD Services as of 2022.

Business and Pricing

Whether you are a small business, working from home or just not technically savvy we can help you. Our prices cannot be touched by our competitors because being a family ran business our overhead is a lot lower. Just to give you an idea most of the MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) charge $125-$185 an hour for basic IT support. We charge $60.00 an hour for remote and $90.00 an hour for onsite technical support. If you need something more than basic computer support and something more customized for your home or business, we can come onsite to do a free assessment of your needs and quote you an affordable price that we guarantee will beat any competitor’s price.

Services and Solutions

We work with many vendors and contractors to take up the challenges no one else wants to get involved in. We can install your network switches, firewalls or servers or run Ethernet cable throughout your entire campus to keep everything connected. We can migrate your Outlook POP email accounts to Microsoft’s O365 platform. We can build you a state-of-the-art website to impress your customers. These are just a few of our most popular services we offer. Feel free to browse around our website and see the other services, solutions, and packages we can offer.

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Some Facts About Us

01Network Engineers

We are trained and experience Network Engineers who have decades of combined experience and have seen just about everything there is to see in the IT field.

02 Cable Installers

We have dedicated cable pullers/installers who have ran hundreds of miles worth of cable through ceilings and walls. We can terminate patch panels and keystones.

03 Small Business Support

Our aim is to help support and grow small businesses, as a small business ourselves we understand the needs to grow through technology in todays evolving world.

04 Customer Support

We have unparallel customer service by putting you at the forefront of all technical decisions. Our mission is to make those technical decision easier for you.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated technical support personal are all family.


Owner/Network Engineer

Jeff graduated from Rasmussen College in St Cloud, MN in March 2006 with an Information Technology Wide Area Networking AAS degree with an emphasis in Business Administration and Management and has over 15+ years’ worth of IT experience working in a variety of organizations. He started his career in Fridley, MN working as a Helpdesk Level 1 shortly after graduating. He was promoted through all the levels of IT from Helpdesk to Senior Network Engineer and ended his career in December 2021 as a Director of IT in a Catholic School and Church organization before turning N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC into a fulltime Managed Services Provider and IT Solutions company.

Jeff like fishing, hunting, camping, and spending time with his family and close friends. He spends a lot of his free time researching and testing new technologies and companies to better serve his customers. Jeff is a very driven and highly detailed individual and dedicated to making people happy.

Jeff has formed partnerships with four wholesalers to provide his customers with affordable hardware, software, and solutions. This gives N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC the ability to offer customers equipment and services under MSRP. He has also made agreements with leading domain registrars to offer domain and website services and can provide a range of web and online products.


Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Sierra graduated from Ridgewater College in Hutchinson, MN in 2019 with a Multimedia Design and Technology AAS Degree. She graduated with honors, dean’s list and a perfect attendance award. Through her short career so far, she has managed to work with an industry leading fortune 500 company designing graphics for print, web advertisements and video presentation for commercials and ads. Sierra maintains a high degree of detail and complexity in her design process and is always learning and working to create and design more stunning graphics and websites. She has created the N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC marketing materials, web art graphics, logo, employee uniforms and vehicle decals.

Sierra likes to spend time with family, friends, and her dog Mika who she calls her kid and believe us she is treated like one. She enjoys outdoors, camping and loves taking her kid to the dog parks. Sierra is also very active in her community by volunteering a lot of her free time to teach under privileged children graphic design and technology.

During her time with N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC Sierra has created a branding that is now widely recognized in the Minneapolis and South Metro area of MN. With her innovative designs, techniques, and skills her goal is to make N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC as recognizable as some major soft drink companies we all know. If anyone has the drive to do that it is her.


Business Office Manager

Sarah graduated from The University of East Anglia in Norwich, England in August 2008 with a MSC Business Analytics and Management of Master of Science Degree. She has over 13+ years working with organizations on operations and logistics management to business administration and data management. She started her career as Accounts Receivable Analyst and has progress through her career and is currently working with a fortune 100 company running their EDI and data management departments handling electronic payments, invoicing, and SSL certificate security profiles.  She provides N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC with streamlining business processes, procedures, contracts and making sure we maintain our SLA’s and are paying our vendors.

Sarah likes to spend time with her kids, grandkids and her three Pomeranian dogs. She is a very family-oriented person and likes to spend time outside doing gardening and relaxing.

During her short time at N.O.R.A.D. Services LLC she has managed to coordinate major partnerships and streamline our customer services and work processes. She has drafted up our agreements, waivers and contracts with our preferred partners and vendors and manages our customer agreements and state of work forms.